Veggie Delight Sandwich Recipe

Veggie Delight Sandwich Recipe


Red Apple (Chargrilled & Sliced) 1 Pc
Shredded Carrot 2 Tbsp
Shredded Cabbage 2 Tbsp
Hummus 2 Tbsp
Sundried Tomato Pesto 1 Tbsp
Baby Spinach 1/4 Cup
Avocado (Sliced) 1/4 Pc
Lemon Olive Oil Dressing 3 Tbsp
Marble Rye Bread 2 Slices


1. Toast the bread.

2. Spread the Hummus on one slice of bread and sundried tomato Pesto on the other slice.

3. Place the carrots, cabbage, baby spinach, tomatoes, grilled apples, and avocado on the bread and drizzle with lemon olive oil dressing.

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